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Escorted Trips

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Best of Western Sicily

Discovering Europe: all-inclusive Escorted tour - the best of Western Sicily on foot.

Visit the finest Greek temples, stay on a Marsala wine estate, walk to see pre-historic painting on the island of Levanzo, and dine at one of Palermo's private villas.

Renowned Wines, Outstanding Scenery, Top Hotels, Exceptional Architecture, World-Class Art

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  • fitness level: 2
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  • 8 Days
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  • September

Each of our trips is graded according to terrain and length of walking/cycling routes, providing an indication of which grade of trip might suit you.

Fitness Legend

Grade 1

Gentle terrain, walking/cycling along good paths, tracks and quiet lanes, with a few short, usually gentle, ascents and/or descents.

Grade 2

Walking/cycling along well-established paths and tracks. Occasional loose (gravel) surfaces, and open meadows. Ascents and/or descents up to 1 hour.

Grade 3

Walking/cycling along a variety of paths, some stony in places, with ascents and/or descents of 1-2 hours.

Grade 4

Walking/cycling along a variety of paths and surfaces, occasionally challenging, with ascents and/or descents of 2-3 hours.

Grade 5

Challenging walking/cycling with a variety of terrain, some long days, and/or long ascents and/or descents.

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