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Hungary: the Danube Bend trip

Hungary: the Danube Bend

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7 nights hotel accommodation (including breakfast).

2 evening meals (nights 4 & 6)

Support of an ATG Route Manager who will meet you at the start of your holiday for a briefing, move your luggage along the route, book restaurants for you, help you with any travel arrangements and be contactable at any time during your holiday.

Route booklet with detailed maps and easy-to-follow instructions, GPS coordinates, town maps, historcial and background notes and comprehensive general information

Pre-trip information including travel advice, practical information relating to your trip and what-to-bring checklists

What’s NOT included?

Lunches: the route books provide information as to where you can purchase picnic supplies and/or bars and restaurants on the route.

Evening meals: for evenings when a meal at your hotel is not included, the route book has restaurant suggestions to suit a variety of budgets, and the Route Manager will be pleased to book restaurants on your behalf.

Transport to/from the start/end of the route.

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The recommended destination airport for this walking holiday in Hungary is Franz Liszt International Airport, Budapest. The city has a comprehensive network of efficient and inexpensive public transport (all public transport in Hungary is free for over 65s). The journey from the airport to Szentendre involves a number of line changes, and depending on connections takes between 1.5 - 2.5 hours. We therefore recommend taking a taxi to the first hotel, which we are pleased to book in advance for you. Journey time 40-50 minutes ~€55. For further information and details on public transport options, see the Frequently Asked Questions below the itinerary.

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We calculate your fitness level on a scale from 1-5

Each of our trips is graded according to terrain and length of walking/cycling routes. Your fitness level will give an indication of which grade of walk might suit you.

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Each of our trips is graded according to terrain and length of walking/cycling routes, providing an indication of which grade of trip might suit you.

Fitness Legend

Grade 1

Gentle terrain, walking/cycling along good paths, tracks and quiet lanes, with a few short, usually gentle, ascents and/or descents.

Grade 2

Walking/cycling along well-established paths and tracks. Occasional loose (gravel) surfaces, and open meadows. Ascents and/or descents up to 1 hour.

Grade 3

Walking/cycling along a variety of paths, some stony in places, with ascents and/or descents of 1-2 hours.

Grade 4

Walking/cycling along a variety of paths and surfaces, occasionally challenging, with ascents and/or descents of 2-3 hours.

Grade 5

Challenging walking/cycling with a variety of terrain, some long days, and/or long ascents and/or descents.

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